AODA Discord Server

No worries, we hear suggestions for a resource location often - it’s why that projected was started.

Lol I do data organization for a web developer :grin:. I often organize the content that will be uploaded, or organize the data going into the client’s database. Something about putting data into a spreadsheet makes my brain super happy :laughing:.

Also - I double checked I see you enter our welcome channel, and the form link showed up, but we never got the form. I will send you a message on Discord!


How weird. I swear I filled it out, and now twice! Both times it said my answers were recorded. Sigh. I’ve seen that happen before. Luckily the last time I copied and pasted what I wrote into another document, so I would be happy to send it to you via DM. I’ll look for you on Discord, @lilwolf, and thanks for checking!


I totally feel that! Bringing order (out of chaos, or just because) is so satisfying!

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And here’s me thinking that I was the only one that drafted floor plans for my dream homes lol I had Interior Decorating classes, which taught us how to do floor plans. I had experience with BlueBeam and AutoCAD. Talk about fun, but they could be saved. That was a long while ago though and I sort of stopped when I realized I wasn’t going to be living in those homes I created lol

I’m glad you’ve found a coping mechanism that allows you to be more open and not so shy … at least online. I’m the same … whatever works :wink: lol

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OMG this reminds me about drawing blueprints. I never learned any of the programs for it, but I did learn to do it by hand from my dad. I designed parks, buildings, houses, resorts, anything I could think of. Considered going to Architecture out of highschool, but never did.


As a response on the conversation on Discord vs the Forum: I am not on Discord (and have no particular desire for another medium to keep track off, even apart from the fact I’m halfway around the globe for most and my chances for direct chatting are limited due to different time zones), but have noticed a drop in forum activity. Especially in threads such as What’s happening and What are you reading, as well as in the sharing of photographs. Yes, this is often more fleeting information and I imagine it lends itself better for Discord, but I miss it now that it’s happening less over here. With no other druids in my social circle, let alone AODA druids, this forum is my connection to the community.
The information that I might miss is in general of less concern to me than the sense of community that comes from interacting.


I think that when summer hits, a lot of people are outside and in their gardens and traveling…especially now that the pandemic is winding down. AODA will also be taking a summer recess from our Candidate and Apprentice calls. But I expect things will pick back up again in the fall :slight_smile:


I’m with you JudithO…I don’t need another platform to play around with. In fact the less social media for me the better. The AODA forum is the only social thing I do online these days.

But for those that like Discord, more power to you.


Is the server still running? The invitation link is expired. Is there a new one?

@FaeryGiggle I believe there is a newer link if you scroll down the thread. Try this one (I copied it from there).

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