Nominations thread

Please post here if there is a location you know about that has been damaged by human activity that needs healing. This may be the site of a major disaster or something that not many people know about. Don’t be afraid to suggest places that may be “too small” or “not damaged enough.” Every bit of healing we do contributes to the health of the whole.

Here are some useful things to include:

The location and a description of the problem.
Pictures, if available, of what the land looked like before the damage, as well as images of the current situation.
Links to articles or detailed descriptions of the situation.
If possible, contact information for any existing human custodians of the land - I think it would be valuable to consult them for what help they would value.
Any insight that you have personally - messages from the land spirits, results of divinations, your own feelings about the place and relationship to it.


I suggest East Palestine, Ohio, site of severe damage from a freight train derailment earlier this year. One of the chemicals involved, polyvinyl chloride, is one I wrote a paper about for my senior high chemistry class way back in 1975, so that is a personal connection that I have with the disaster.


This is a great idea.

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