Order-Wide Ritual Map for Summer Solstice Ritual

Thanks, Babs. My husband recently fell for a scam, and now I’m careful to a point that’s perhaps unhealthy. Yes, I want to be shown, and I really like your idea of putting somewhere that isn’t obvious. Now if I can just figure out how to do it…

In a related vein, I wish I had privacy to perform rituals. I don’t, which makes me feel sneaky. Does anyone else feel that way? Do you have to hide your rituals from neighbors or even loved ones?

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My issue with loved ones is enthusiastic interruptions, so we’ve had to develop systems around that. And I think many of us share the public/private privacy concerns also. I have a few spaces in the house that I can use. I tell everyone I’m unavailable for a while, and then shut the door, and that seems to let me feel relaxed and at ease. So far so good. I’m getting a bit more relaxed with outdoor ritual activities, but summer helps because all the leaves give me more privacy.


Thank you for your thoughtful replies, Babs.


I feel the same way about performing rituals outside at my home. While my family is totally supportive my neighbors are very conservative and wouldn’t be. Since I wanted to do the ritual with a tree on my property, and since the actual moment of the Solstice is 4:14 am where I live, and since I am a night owl, I am going to do the ritual at the actual time. There may be a few people up at that time, but its unlikely anyone will be outside doing yardwork, lol :sweat_smile:


I just finished the ritual. I chose a small pine at my neighborhood transit center. Usually a hot bed for negative energy. I literally felt the little one breath a sigh of relief. Hopefully it will spread out to the surounding areas and fill the neighborhood with positive energies. It’s warm today and I’m sensitive to heat. So was not able to meditate. But definitely felt a shift after I was done with the ritual


Thank you GrandArchDruid Dana And the Grand Grove and everyone who helped with this Collective ritual!
A pine tree from a small park in Hamilton Ontario agreed to be the center of the
Ritual. It generated a far reaching sphere of protection that was absolutely fascinating. A meaningful and powerful ritual :slightly_smiling_face:


Since I am just getting up to this now, I’ll be doing a solitary ritual, but I see on the map that “Bobby” and “Point 13” are really close to my neck of the woods. If they would like to connect and do things locally at some point in the future, I would welcome that. :slight_smile:


Added, on the sacred Kõrgemäe Farm grounds in Rohersville, Maryland!

Monika Coyote


I had a great ritual today in our sacred grove with a Bitternut Hickory tree–and with my three adult geese, Widdershins, Deosil, and Hollie Honk. We performed the ritual (the geese are great at calling the quarters and honking to raise energy) and then we went to the creek for a swim to cool off. As I performed the ritual (which was around noon today, when the sun was at the zenith), I could sense the other rituals that had been performed and those performing it around the same time. So very cool. I can’t wait to talk to everyone next week about the ritual experience.

Last weekend nine members of Sun Spiral Grove also performed the ritual around a sugar maple. Good stuff!


Hi Monika, I don’t think you added it correctly! The main layer was renamed to your name. If you message me where you were, I can add it for you :).


I performed the ritual with an apple tree here on the land where we live. This apple tree is infected with cedar rust fungus. Last year, every single fruit grew the hairy anemone spikes of the fungus and dropped off the tree. I have been visiting the tree regularly and sending it healing energy, drumming to it, breathing into it, etc. I call it my little piece of Albion. Centering it in the land blessing of the solstice yesterday felt so powerful. So many birds came close and added their song to my drumming. Crows, cardinals, catbirds, tufted titmice, robins, our chickens. I performed the ceremony right at noon, and like Dana I could feel the ripples and echos of the other rituals that were happening. When I was finishing the ceremony, around 1:30, a sweet ray of sunlight pierced the apple canopy and fell right on me. It felt like a solar ray blessing the tree, blessing me, and blessing this Grove. It was a beautiful and powerful moment.


I performed the ritual with my baby Red Oak at around 4am CT on the morning of the 21st. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was quite taken by the experience. It was very powerful and the energy generated and radiated was beautiful. This tree has only been in my yard a couple years and I truly feel that this ritual opened up a deep connection between me and the tree. Thank you, Dana, for coming up with this ritual and thank you to all who are participating.


I did perform the ritual yesterday! I wish I could have spent all day in the new little grove I have started in the back of my property! It was the perfect weather for it! AND the plants gave me a message while I meditated! I was thinking how I was looking forward to spending more time out there and getting to know each of the plants and I felt a gentle voice from one of the plants say “We are looking forward to spending time with you too.” It made my heart so happy! I hope to discover which of them was speaking to me… or if they all were collectively! Blessings all!


I performed the ceremony with the mature pin oak that sits just to the west of our property line at around 10am this morning. The house is vacant but we are on good terms with the property owner. Even though the tree is in the front yard, our street is only two blocks long, and no one was out walking in the heat and humidity that we are experiencing, so I felt no qualms about being in public while doing the ceremony.

I too experienced a deep ritual. This particular tree and I became friends last year, and I have already radiated energy generated during the GCC communion service to it and to the land we live on and that surrounding us. I think this helped to increase the power of the ritual, so the tree and the land surrounding it really lit up with the lunar current. After the ritual I leaned against the tree and enjoyed sharing gratitude and friendship with him.


I celebrated with a mature Santa Rosa plum tree in my backyard. It was a balmy day and the ripe plums were falling off of the tree the whole time. I picked up a basket’s worth after the ceremony. I definitely feel a connection to this tree, and all of the trees in my elfin orchard, but this tree is the eldest, most productive, most talkative of the lot. At one point, a plum fell and hit me on the head! :rofl: Makes me wonder if she was trying to tell me something. :rofl: I thanked her for the fruit and I know she will give me many baskets more, for tomorrow and some weeks to come. I’m not super comfortable with the SOP still, but am getting better at it and more comfortable with it all the time.


Many trees fell where I was at due to the river eroding the banks over decades. The state managed to stop the erosion, but not before a lot of trees were lost. What I did was plant a few trees in a circle around a huge boulder in the woods. The boulder was my focus for the ritual and where I performed the SOP. I planted only indigenous trees and we will be going out every day for the rest of the year to water them. We are having a bit of a drought and this is my favorite place to go that’s local and so I wanted to give back to it. We will be using the river to water them. We planted (my husband did the digging for me and then went for a walk) a sugar maple, river birch, beech (white oak), and slippery elm.

I called the park first and they made me call the state to make sure it was ok to plant. I had to tell them what trees I was planting, that they were root cuttings and marked with flags stating the tree species on them and exactly where we were going to plant them. I was so excited. We planted one in each of the directions. They are supposed to go out and check the root cuttings but I haven’t heard back from them, so either they haven’t been out there to check them, or they didn’t have anything to report. I guess they need to check for diseases, fungi, and the like. I forgot to add that they don’t normally do this, as planting yourself is not allowed, but when I explained it was for religious reasons, they agreed with all these stipulations. I didn’t mind jumping through hoops though.

I used each of the new trees as the directions during the SOP. It is a pretty wide area there that had no close trees. Each of the trees we planted has plenty of space and light reaching them. There was a tree there I was going to use for the ritual, but the boulder accepted it instead. It’s really hard to explain, but that area needs A LOT of healing. I say boulder, but for all I know, it’s just an outcropping of something much bigger. I feel like it wasn’t just sitting on the earth, but extending from much lower beneath it. I am hoping that this ritual will help those trees grow. It was the perfect place for them. It is such awesome fertile soil there from all the years of having a river over the land. It really is a wonderful place and so quiet as nobody ever goes to the part I go to as it’s not officially part of the park, though it is an extension of it.


Whoops! Please do, I am at 3300 Kaetzel Road, Rohersville MD 21779 (Kõrgemäe Farm). I tried to respond via the email, sorry I missed this till now!

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I went ahead and updated the map!

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