Upcoming Zoom Workshop: Spirits of the Land - Past Life Regression session with Elmdea Adams - April 9, 8:30pm – 10:30pm EST via Zoom

Spirits of the Land - Past Life Regression session with Elmdea Adams - April 9, 8:30pm – 10:30pm EST via Zoom.

On April 9th, at 8:30 – 10:30 pm EST, we are very honored to have Elmdea Adams host a past life regression session focused on working with spirits of the land. This session will take place via Zoom. It is limited to TEN people (and is currently full, but you can be placed on the waiting list). If you want to join, please email us at events@aoda.org and we’ll send you the details for the session (or let you know you are on the waiting list).

Here’s more about the session:

The goal of this session is to explore a life/time/place when your soul or your ancestors were actively involved with spirits of the land so that you might bring that information back to the present. Thus, this session will help you explore what work you might do with the earth and earth path as part of your druid practice. This will be an individual experience facilitated in a group format. In terms of preparation: Come ready to explore and discover. Please drop any expectations.

Once you are signed up, we will send you a form that follows the course of the regression and there will be time after the regression to write everything down.

The event will run about two hours. This includes an overview of what you might and might not experience, how it works, then the regression (an extended form of meditation), then time to write down your experiences (in silence), then time to share and begin integration.

If you have other questions, please share them here or email us at events@aoda.org

About Elmdea: Elmdea Adams worked as a past life regression therapist for 15 years, retiring from individual practice about 4 years ago. She has facilitated countless regressions for groups, ranging from 5 to 50+ people. Her background includes a degree in counseling; five years as a counselor for delinquent teens; decades in the business world; four years in Fortune 500 management; and ten years in a Shamanic healing group. She is also a practicing druid. She has published a book of case studies titled Liberating Incantations: Twenty-Five Stories of Past Life Regressions (2009).


This offering is AMAZING! Our Grove just did a group past life regression with Elmdea. It was so much more than I ever expected. 100% worthwhile and meaningful to my personal journey.


Agreed–this is a really fantastic experience.

UPDATE: Six slots left :). If you’ve emailed the events email, I’ll get back to you tonight!


Update: the workshop is half full. Still time to join in :).


Hi all! We have TWO spots left for the workshop. Thanks!


Hi all! ONE space left. :slight_smile:


Hi all! This workshop is FULL!