World Druidry Survey - UPDATE


The World Druidry Survey is an ongoing study exploring the ways in which Druidry, as a globalizing path of nature spirituality, is evolving both in the traditional lands of the ancient Druids, and elsewhere, as it spreads and takes root in other countries and cultures of the world. You might have heard about it already, but if not, details can be found here:

The response to the survey, to date, has been overwhelmingly positive.

As of this writing, 855 people have requested links to the SurveyMonkey questionnaire, or submitted completed PDF forms. Of these, 620 people have completed the survey in its entirety. On average, people have been spending 50-60 minutes or more, responding to the questions. And, rather than doing so grudgingly, respondents have expressed their gratitude for the writing prompts and the suggestion (implicit in the survey questions) that they take the time to deeply reflect upon their personal Druidry practices, and the reasons (or lack thereof) behind their choices.

So far, responses have been submitted by Druids living in 30-36 different nations (depending upon how you count them), and representing 135 different Druidry organizations, as well as a very large showing of unaffiliated/Solitary Druids.

If you glance through the lists of nations and Druidry organizations (many people belong to multiple groups) that show up in this preliminary analysis (, and happen to notice that your part of the world, or a Druidry group to which you belong is not as well represented as you feel it ought to be, please get out there and spread the word! The more people chatting up the Survey, the more complete and informative the results will be, once the study is complete.

One thing that jumps out at me is that only 41 of the 620 respondents (so far) report being members of the AODA.
(I think we can do better than that!)

Data collection is still ongoing, but:

The World Druidry Survey will officially close on 1 May 2019.

So, if you intend to participate in the World Druidry Survey, but have not yet begun the process, or if you have started but not yet completed your survey, please go ahead and do it ( Your voice and perspective are important to this work, whatever the nature of your personal Druidic path, or level of experience. I really do hope you will share your story.

Yours, under the California Coast Live Oaks,



Thanks for this reminder! I started the survey a while back but never completed it. :sweat_smile:



I just went back and finished the survey. It didn’t take as long to complete as I thought it might. I’m looking forward to reading the final results. Congrats on attempting such a project!



I just requested a link. I look forward to taking part in the survey. It can only be good for modern druidry.

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AODA strongly support everyone who can filling out the survey! Thank you for your support of Larisa’s project!



Done!!:slight_smile: I finally remembered to do the survey and have completed it. Thanks!

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At 41 completed surveys that’s about 3% of our membership. Do those numbers track with OBOD and ADF numbers?

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Cannot say exactly; the orders tend not to be too forthcoming with their current membership numbers. Philip C-G gave me some stats pulled from their membership logs, showing 20,482 members of OBOD. But I really doubt the accuracy of that, considering that recent UK gov’t statistics show only around 4000 people in Britain identifying a Druids. My guess is that might be the list of all people who have ever paid to look at the OBOD Bardic course materials – who then get counted as members for life.



Amazing response. I cannot wait to see what data you can mine from this!



RE: Druid number and OBOD. I think its probably true. Apparently there are almost 8k OBOD druids in North America! And OBOD has good numbers of people in other parts of Europe, Australia, etc.

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The numbers will be interesting, considering some people are in multiple orders. For example, I am in ADF as well, and I know there is some overlap with OBOD. I wonder how common that is.

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