AODA Degree Certificates Are Now Available!*

AODA is proud to announce that we are offering degree certificates for those who have completed an AODA degree. Your degree certificate will be sent via email as a high-resolution PDF, ready for you to print and frame. The artwork for the degrees was created by Dana O’Driscoll. Pictured is the Apprentice Degree—the other degrees will be revealed as you complete your studies! Within the next few months, we will also be releasing degrees for our Gnostic Celtic Church Clergy—look for that announcement in a future newsletter.

Members who have already earned a degree with AODA can fill out this form to request their certificate(s). Please fill out one form for each degree requested:

Edward DeLancey, our new Degree Coordinator, will be in touch with you and send you your certificate over the next few weeks. For questions, please contact Ed at


Those look fantastic.

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Terrific looking certificate Dana, wonderful. Thank you for developing degree certificates.


Absolutely well designed. Looks great. I look forward to recieving one in the future when I complete a degree.

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Those are very nice! I have my Consecration certificate, and I think one for becoming a member of the Grand Grove all that time ago. I’ll pull them out and look. This certificate is very nice indeed. Well done!